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Higher School of Technology and Energy

Higher School of Technology and Energy (HSTE) is a successor of the Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers (SPb STUPP). Since 2015, upon merging with the Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, it became a unit of a new joint university named the Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (SPbSUITD).

That pooling of intellectual and material resources of the two universities of similar profile contributes significantly to solving of a number of the most important tasks such as increasing research efficiency, expansion and consolidation of the university’s laboratory capacity, technique improvement, development and implementation of new educational programmes in the fields of process automation, energy, chemical and mechanical engineering, industrial design, etc.

The HSTE organizational arrangement has remained unchanged. It consists of four institutes:

  • Institute of Technology;
  • Institute of Energy and Automation;
  • Institute of Innovative Management Technologies;
  • Institute of Continuous Part-Time Training.

There are more than 3000 students studying at HSTE. The scope and content of the educational programmes offered by the university at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels allow comprehensive training of specialists for enterprises of a great number of industries such as the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, energy, the pulp and paper industry, the printing industry, etc.

Fields of Study

Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s Degree: Chemical Engineering; Printing and Packaging Technology; Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes in Applied Chemistry, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology; Technosphere Safety; Processing Machinery and Equipment.

Master’s Degree: Chemical Engineering; Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes in Applied Chemistry, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology; Technosphere Safety; Processing Machinery and Equipment.

Institute of Energy and Automation

Bachelor’s Degree: Process and Production Automation; Information Systems and Technologies; Applied Mathematics and Informatics; Design; Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology; Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Technology.

Master’s Degree: Process and Production Automation; Heat-Power Engineering and Heat Technology.

Institute of Innovative Management Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree: Management; Economics.

Master’s Degree: Management.

Institute of Continuous Part-Time Training gives students (and trainees) opportunities to get higher education on a part-time basis, to join the course of professional retraining or advanced training at the KRONA Institute or at the Independent Attestation and Methodological Centre.

HSTE participates actively in international programmes for students’ and teachers’ exchange. Students have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge at foreign universities taking part in internal and/or external competitions for studying abroad.

Students of the Institute of Technology can be involved into research at the laboratories created in the partnership with ILIM GROUP and equipped with up-to-date devices and instruments.

Advanced students have the access to the second higher education in Economics or Management. These training programmes are three-year ones.

The students taking courses under federal funding get academic and social scholarships. The most successful students get extra scholarships such as the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation, of the RF Government, the Saint Petersburg Government, of major employers. Winners of different competitions in the frames of some Russian and/or foreign special programmes are awarded grants.

University graduates are employed by such well-known companies as International Paper, GOZNAK, Rosatom, Gazprom, Metso Automation, ILIM GROUP, SCA Hygiene Products Russia and others.

The university students have the opportunities both for their creative development and interesting recreation. There are a lot of options for them at the university. Somebody is engaged in research as a member of the Student’s Scientific Society. University students are active participants and winners of different competitions and Olympiads held at municipal, national or international levels.

Others try to attain success going in for sports. There are 17 sports sections at the university. Masters of Sports of Russia, International Masters of Sports, prize-winners of Russia’s championships as well as of major international competitions are among the university students.

Students are able to develop their creative abilities at a vocal school, at a dance studio, to take part in performances of the university Club of Cheerful and Quick-Witted Persons, and participate in editing and publishing the university student’s newspaper “Polymers”.

Dear Friends!

Welcome to the Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design!

We’ll give you the most advanced knowledge, help to make your professional career. Your fascinating life path is ahead of you! Your student life will be full of creativity, vivid events, and an opportunity to find close friends. Your student years will take place in a unique unforgettable atmosphere of the Northern Capital and you will make sure of that yourself!

Due to the epidemiological situation, you start your academic year remotely. We really hope that soon you will join your groups.

While you don’t have the opportunity to attend classes, the teachers will duplicate the entire learning process on the Moodle DOT platform.

 The DOT system will include:
— Theoretical material and assignments for practical exercises.
— Tasks for the implementation of term papers, tests, essays, term projects.
— Also, Interaction with the teacher is available in the system.
Laboratory work and practical exercises requiring special equipment will be carried out for you after switching to full-time studing.

Contacts for requesting information:

ADMISSION COMMISSION: c / t: 786-56-39, 7865639@mail.ru

INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY: c / t: 786-52-69, itekhnologii@bk.ru

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMY: c / t: 785-20-03, econ.gturp@mail.ru

INSTITUTE OF ENERGY AND AUTOMATION: c / t: 786-86-05, inseiavs@mail.ru

INSTITUTE OF CONTINUOUS FORMS OF TRAINING: c / t: 786-53-09, zaofak@yandex.ru


DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: c / t: 786-58-08, zsv@gturp.spb.ru